A place surrounded by the lush, evergreen landscapes of the Ugandan Great Crater Lakes region

Papaya Lake Lodge is situated about 350 km west of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, in one of the country’s most scenic regions. The Great Crater Lakes area boasts over 40 extinct volcanic craters, forming a chain of lakes, each unique in shape, size and colour, and each boasting its own distinct ecosystem. Two of these breathtaking features are right on our doorstep. To the west, the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains tower above the area, breathing life into the valleys and rifts, resplendent with countless vanilla, banana, coffee and tea plantations.

PAPAYA LAKE LODGE and its surroundings with a view of Rwenzori Mountain

Papaya Lake Lodge owes its unique character to the owners’ sophisticated blend of Africa’s heritage and modern eco-luxury.

Traditional Ugandan art comes alive here, united with the splendour of the Great Crater Lakes and invigorated by local folk culture. Chic fusion cuisine; homegrown fruits and vegetables with spices and aromas from around the world; artisanal yet discreetly elegant and unique interiors and craft were designed using local, hand-made materials; impeccable guest service and a personal touch. These are Papaya’s trademarks that will make you feel at home with us. 

“For us, the most important thing is to share with our guests the best that our new home has to offer – the timeless beauty of the wilderness and Uganda’s warm hospitality. We also want to build awareness among our guests of the local culture and the environment in which we now live and work. We have grown an appreciation for it ourselves.”


Magdalena and Sebastian