Crater Lakes Exploration Tour

Experience the breathtaking views of 9 crater lakes in the area.

Tour includes a visit to the crater lakes and lava pipe (called „Mwitampungu” which means „a place that kills eagles”) which is a volcanic hole that automatically sucks birds in flight and later releases them in an upward curve. We will also visit the local communities and several scenic view points.

Lonely Planet Guidebook recommends and describes: „A dramatic landscape of crater lakes cupped under steep hillsides, the area south of Fort Portal offers travellers a scenic retreat ideal for long walks and road cycling. Much of the land is cultivated, but primates and plenty of birds occupy the lake shores. Emblazoned on Uganda’s USh20,000 note, picturesque Lake Nyinambuga makes a worthwhile photo op.”

Boda boda Tour

Experience Crater Lake Region on the back of a motorcycle known as a boda boda.

This motorcycle BODA BODA ADVENTURE  includes a visit to 12 Crater Lakes, sight seeing with panoramic views, motorcycling through farmland with a variety of African food crops, and a visit to the lava pipe (called „Mwitampungu” which means „a place that kills eagles”).

Drivers drive carefully, they know the area perfectly, they know every turn and holes.

* The photographs were provided courtesy of the young artist Jan Sadkowski, and was a part of his graduate thesis. Photographs were taken in Rwaihamba.