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A place surrounded by the lush, evergreen landscapes of the Ugandan Great Crater Lakes region, set between two extinct volcanoes, close by the turquoise waters of Lyantonde and Kifuruka lakes, and with thrilling views over the majestic Ruwenzori Mountain Range.
An oasis of nine luxurious cottages, a restaurant and beautiful pool set on its own scenic terrace; a place established with great passion, esteem for local culture and the high attention detail that makes life worth living.
Established by a family of three – Magdalena, Sebastian and their son Alek - recently joined by little Leon- drawn to abandon their European life to find a new home in the living heart of Africa; a home inspired by its surroundings and soaked with all the best Uganda has to offer, yet beautifully refreshed by their own unique style, and the highest standards of service.



We love to make you feel at home.

Papaya Lake Lodge offers nine spacious and bright cottages. They are all situated on the extinct volcano crater’s slope and have breath-taking views of the Lyantonde Lake. Each of the cottages offers complete privacy, hidden from view by a green wall of sympathetic treetops.
Eight of the cottages feature two beds (one king-size and one single), local stone-decorated bathrooms with shower units and verandas equipped with deckchairs.
The ninth cottage is a two-floor villa boasting three bedrooms, a fireplace-lit living room, a spacious bathroom and a large terrace.
Calm colours, subtle accessories, original interior design, simple but comfy furniture: these are Papaya Lake Lodge’s trademarks. But first and foremost, it is the lush, green vegetation that makes it easy to relax after an adventurous day.

Restaurant and Bar

Best things take place in the kitchen...

A spacious restaurant and a bar open to scenic sun terrace are truly a heart of Papaya Lake lodge.
Airy and bright common area of the restaurant is ingeniously planned with subtly arranged corners, each with its own unique climate and decor. The whole place decorated with fine pieces of local art and crafts, small details that you instantly fall in love with.
During the day one can enjoy a reading on a welcoming sofa or a terrace sunbed laid out just in front of the restaurant, with a panoramic view of the lake.
In the evening the common area is lit by kerosene lamps, their orange glow warming the whole interior. Excellent Ugandan coffee along with our selection of finest spirits from all over the world will help you slip into complete relaxation.
Papaya’s fine cuisine merges culinary traditions from all four corners of the world, satisfying even the most demanding gourmand. Every dish on our menu is prepared using only top quality, fresh products. You will enjoy our home-made pastries filled with the fruits, vegetables and herbs, grown in our gardens.

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Swimming Pool

Pool with the best view around!

Papaya Lake Lodge’s pool is truly a pool with a view … probably the best view around! Possibly the best view ever! Situated atop a hill, our pool offers a spectacular, 360 degree unobstructed view of the surrounding wonders of nature: the Crater Lakes, the Mountains of the Moon and the countless fruit and spice plantations.
Whether enjoying an invigorating morning dip or a cooling afternoon bathe – perhaps with an icy mojito waiting in the shade – you will be entranced by our flora and fauna, from the glamorous cranes in full flight overhead to visiting moths and butterflies. Our pool has it all!


Fort Portal - Crater Lakes Region - Kibale Forest

It takes approximately 5 hours to reach Papaya Lake Lodge by car from the Entebbe International Airport. It is a comfortable drive West (asphalt road) towards Fort Portal, the region’s informal capital city. Just outside Fort, take a left to follow a red dirt road. It will take you directly to Papaya through a scenic drive among tea, banana, guava and avocado plantations.

How to reach us from Fort Portal: Take the Kamwenge road towards Kibale National Park. After approximately 10 kilometres (6 miles) drive, take a right on the junction marked by a cluster of roadsigns. Continue on this path until you reach the Rutete – Rwaihamba village. Exit Rwaihamba by the same main road and stay on it until you reach a T-junction with primary school on the left hand side. You will see a sign directing you to turn right to reach Papaya Lake Lodge.

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